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Tree Service in Sudbury, ON

If you are a homeowner in Sudbury, Ontario or one of the surrounding communities and you want high-quality tree services, we are the company to call. We are tree service experts working under the guidance of ISA arborists. 


We specialize in tree trimming, pruning, maintenance, cutting and removal. Plus, we provide excellent hedge trimming, pruning, maintenance and removal. We also offer superior stump grinding and stump removal services as well. We are a professional tree care service that has been providing high quality, affordable tree service in the Sudbury, Ontario area for years.

Experienced Tree Service Professionals

We have years of experience providing Sudbury, Ontario homes with the professional tree
care services to keep their trees, health, strong, vibrant and beautiful. We are tree doctors and we know the right treatment your trees need to help them enjoy many years of safe, healthy, productive growth. Our ISA arborists educate, inform and guide our team of experienced tree care professionals and provide them with the insight they need for proper tree monitoring, trimming, pruning and maintain any species of tree and keep them looking their best. Plus, our arborists make customers aware when their trees are diseased or dying and need to be safely cut down and removed.


The Right Sudbury Tree Service

We are the right Sudbury tree service to turn to when you want the trees around your home monitored, well-maintained and given the care they need to keep them looking great. Our tree surgeons can deftly remove sick, broken or rotted limbs and branches to enhance safety and encourage healthy growth. We know the right time of year to trim and prune a tree and have the tools and training to do the job right. When you want the right Sudbury tree care at affordable prices, we are the tree specialists to call.

Risk Assessment

Older trees at greater risk for limbs, branches or the entire tree rotting, breaking and falling. As part of our Sudbury tree care services, our ISA trained and certified arborist will examine your trees and do a risk assessment to determine if parts or the whole tree is in danger of falling. We also assess trees to see if they are infested with diseases that can spread and do harm to your trees. As tree doctors, we can prescribe the right treatment to protect the health of your trees.

Four Primary Services

To ensure your trees and the rest of your landscaping continue to look great, these are our main services:


  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Stump Grinding

  • Hedge Trimming

These are very important services that can improve your home's curb appeal and property value. When your trees and hedges are well maintained, attractive and healthy people will notice and pay you compliments. Our professional tree and hedge services will help you better and more safely enjoy relaxing outdoors under the trees on your property year-round.

1. Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees periodically keeps them healthy and creates a dynamic landscape. Pruning removes branches and limbs that are dead, dying or diseased, enhances air circulation and sunlight penetration and stimulates new growth. Regularly pruning your trees is essential for proper landscape maintenance. It ensures the trees have the best growing conditions possible so they can thrive. 

Young Trees Need Pruning Too!

Young trees require regular pruning to ensure they grow structurally sound and develop an aesthetically pleasing shape. Correct pruning impacts more than a tree's shape. It keeps trees healthy, controls their direction of growth and promotes better long-term stability and health. Annual pruning controls the tree's rate of growth and prevents unsightly overgrowth from becoming an issue. Our preventative tree care creates healthy trees that stand up better to heavy winds, snow and ice. Our arborists will assess and prune your trees based on their size, type, location and appearance.

2. Tree Removal

We can provide you with professional tree removal services. If proper tree maintenance 
didn't keep your trees strong and healthy, or you simply want rees removed, our professional tree removal services make the process fast, safe, easy and affordable.
Our team has the training, know-how, experience and the right equipment to remove any tree. We examine the tree, note the direction it leans naturally, if there are decayed
or broken branches, limbs and parts of the trunk and determine the safest way to cut and remove it. 

Safely Felling The Tree


We will select the safest spot to fell the tree so it doesn't damage personal property.
We remove as many limbs and branches as possible, cut down the tree and haul it away. We leave the area clean when the tree has been removed as part of our professional tree
service. You can then decide if you want to incorporate the tree stump into your outdoor décor or if you want us to remove it.


3. Stump Grinding

We also professionally grind stumps. We can grind the tree stump down to 20 inches below the ground. The stump is ground into such small pieces, it can be used as ground cover or as mulch around plants, shrubs and trees. We then cover the hole left by grinding down the tree stump with dirt. Over time, the roots and remnants of the tree trunk will decay and blend into the soil. 

Stump Removal


Another method we can use to get rid of the stump left when a tree is cut down is stump
removal. In this process, we remove the entire trunk as well as the tree’s root ball.
The process of removing the stump is more difficult and time-consuming than grinding it. The root ball can be very large and once the entire tree stump has been removed, it can leave a huge hole in the ground. We will fill the hole and show you how to use the area to create a garden or grass can be planted over it so it simply disappears into the landscape. 


4. Hedge Trimming

We are hedge and shrubs trimming and pruning experts. Call us when you want quality hedge maintenance or hedge removal service. No matter what type or size hedges you have at your Sudbury home, we are the only hedge specialist you need. We are experts
when it comes to trimming and shaping all types of hedges in any shape or style. Call us today for a free estimate and you will be pleasantly surprised. We can trim your shrubs and hedges to your exact specifications and leave them looking well-manicured and attractive. Our specialized trimming designs can make your hedges look unique.


A Variety Of Hedge Pruning And Trimming Services

Our well-trained team of hedge and shrub care professionals are pruning and trimming specialists and know the right time of year pruning and trimmings should be done. We prune the hedges wider on the bottom than it is on the top. This ensures sunlight can get all the way to the bottom of the hedges. Our valuable hedge and shrub shaping and trimming services include:


1. Geometric Hedge And Shrub Trimming

2. Custom Hedge And Shrub Trimming

3. Topiary Hedge Designs

4. Specialized Hedge And Shrub Shaping

5. Standard Hedgerow Trimming

6. Shrub Pruning


We use proper, healthy trimming and pruning procedures and techniques to keep your trees, shrubs and hedges healthy and looking great all year round. Call us today for a free estimate, to schedule tree cutting service or for fast emergency tree removal service.

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